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You have the right, our dear customer, to return or replace the goods purchased from Prince Perfumes (part of Tawseel General Trading Company LLC) within fourteen days from the date of purchase in the case that the following conditions are necessary:
That the goods to be returned or replaced have a manufacturing defect that cannot be repaired without compromising the quality of the goods, or the goods are not original or do not meet the specifications mentioned on Prince Perfumes.
The merchandise must be returned in its original packaging, and it must be new, unused and bearing a "Prince Perfume" card, and the designer card must be still pending.
Products that have been destroyed, dirty, or exchanged will not be accepted, and will be sent to the customer again. For merchandise with defects: You must inform our dear customer that the goods that have been destroyed as a result of their use are not considered defective merchandise, and we will work as hard as possible to fix the defect, but if You want to replace the product, you should know that we are exchanging it for you with the same product and the same size and according to the available. In the event that the product cannot be repaired or replaced, it will receive a full refund.
Returned merchandise must be in good condition as received and viewable (except for merchandise that has been found defective or adulterated), and contain all of its original accessories such as:
Packaging, belts, brand cards, bags and leather cards
For shoes: It must be tried on a surface of carpet or carpet to make sure of its size. And it must return without scratches and be in its original box free from any damage because it is considered part of the product. Shoes will not be accepted without the box, the box has been destroyed, or the marks or sole of it have been made, and it will be sent to the customer again.
As for handbags: As you know, dear customer, dark clothes transfer the dye to light bags easily, so we hope that you keep this in mind while using them.
For clothes: please wear them carefully and carefully, as they must be returned in their new, unused, and flawless condition.
For underwear and swimwear: Shorts, swimwear and bikini for the lower part should be measured and measured on underwear (without touching the skin) without removing the adhesive tape. Goods will not be accepted if the tape is removed or if damage to it occurs, and it will be sent to the customer again.
You have the right, our dear customer, to receive the price of the returned merchandise in the same way that it was paid. For example, if you paid in cash, you will also receive your cash.
You have the right, our dear customer, to receive the price of the returned merchandise in full, and we will not deduct any kind of transaction fees such as Visa, Master Card, KNET or processing fees.
You have the right to receive the price of the returned merchandise within 10 days of the date your application was accepted.

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