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The fragrance should create a feeling of warmth, luxury and self-confidence. Do not let yourself be affected by the latest trends and do not choose what you like to your friends. This is very important, as each of us has a unique fragrance called "the aromatic footprint." This means that the same fragrance gives off notes that vary according to skin. It must also be said that the psychological composition, childhood memories, and other smell-related impressions play a role when choosing a perfume, as individual wisdom within each of us motivates us to make the right choice.

Of course yes! This is what causes us in perfume to offer perfumes based on the self-energy of each customer. The main goal is to choose a perfume that fits the personality traits, knowing that each edition represents a specific element.

It must be said that the sense of smell is able to provoke deep responses in the mind and that its role is important in balancing internal energies. For example, if you bought a specific perfume simply because it is popular and just that its marketing sentence is good around you, it will not give you a feeling of freshness, warmth and comfort. Thus, the effect may be counterproductive. Instead of boosting energy and self-confidence, the fragrance demoralizes and destabilizes the inner balance. The result? Inconvenience and sometimes even a headache.

When choosing a perfume, I think the first step is to refer to the self to better understand it. This ensures that the fragrance you choose is in harmony with your own unique world as well as with the world around you. In addition to this, an important step must also be taken, which is to wait for some moments to feel the underlying notes and to make sure that the three elements we have already mentioned are comfort, warmth and confidence. It must be said that no perfume is perfect for everyone.

Indeed, it is imperative to spray a small amount of perfume on the wrist and glitter with it for some time to notice its interaction with the skin and the feeling of its effect on mood with the passage of hours. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I feel well-off? Is my energy boosted? Or do I get tired and my head hurts? And with the availability of many fragrances that convince each of them to choose it, do not forget that it takes time to choose the most appropriate one. The selection experience is an excellent physical experience. Therefore, focus on your instinct and choose a fragrance that reflects your personality and feels comfortable, that is, choose an edition that meets these requirements without necessarily being the most popular.

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